We offer a wide range of wire springs, which include compression, tension, torsion, valve and die springs as well as wire forms.

Whether it is to your sizes, sketch or drawing or you want us to design your spring for you we can make it.

From the smallest to the largest, we are able to cope with your demand.

Our customers include specialist British car companies, who use us for both their prototype and volume production. We have a variety of springs used in medical applications, and even some of our springs in space, which were used on a satellite.

With an ever increasing number of CNC camless autocoiling machines, with high speed servo drives, we are more than ever able to cope with your increased demands. With some of the fastest and most accurate machines in the world you can benefit from our investment in the latest technologies.

Not only can we assist with your design and loadings of your springs as well as check your designs, we also have the latest software that enables us to produce 2D & 3D CAD drawings of your springs. Thus offering you the complete package from design to manufacture. With us also dealing with a number of specialist finishers you will get your product ready to use.