At Adwin Laser we specialize in supplying high-quality, reliable Laser Making Machines at an affordable price. We can supply laser machines to cover a variety of requirements but if you are not 100% sure what you need, then feel free to contact one of our team members as they will be able to help to make sure that you are buying the right Fiber Laser Marking Machine for what you need. 

With the team’s experience, we can recommend which strength of Laser Marking Machine For Sale you should buy, and what size might be needed to cover a particular pace of production.


This Fiber Laser Engraving Industrial technology consists of a high-frequency beam generated from a laser source. This beam is then amplified and directed towards a part to be marked via a series of rotating mirrors. 

The reaction that takes place inside the material marked consists of 2 distinct processes: 

  • Laser Engraving a groove is created in the first layers of the material.
  • Annealing laser Marking Machine a carbon layer actually inside the material is brought to the surface and becomes visible.

Fiber laser marking is widely recognized as one of the most effective marking technologies and offers a multitude of solutions for any industry.


Admins Fibre laser Markers are the ideal system for high-speed Industrial marking and Direct Part Marking (DPM) as they can mark on most metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, gold, silver, titanium, bronze, platinum, copper as well as plastics, ceramics, glass, etc. 

With our machines, you can mark your parts with 2D and alphanumeric codes, serial numbers, complex logos, graphics, etc. 


Laser Power 30W or 50W (optional)
Power Supply 110/220v (±10%) @ 50/60Hz
Supported Graphical Formats BMP, JPG, PNG, TIP, ICO, DXF
Beam Quality M² < 2
Power Stability (8h) < ±1% rms
Pulse Repetition Frequency 20Hz – 2kHz
Power Consumption <800W
Minimum Line Width 50μm
Minimum Character 0.3mm
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Galvanometer Size 100 x 100mm (optional)
Cooling Air cooling
Ambient Operating Temperature 15° – 35°C
Weight 100kg (desktop)
Dimensions 70 x 90 x 114 (desktop)