We specialise in both prototype and short-term production here at Adwin Spring, which will help you move your project forward. We have an excellent rating to produce precise prototypes for both wire and flat materials which also work toward these short timelines. We have also invested in some of the world’s fastest coiling machines to help us manage production levels in wire spring manufacture.

This state-of-the-art technology working side by side with a number of our more conventional ways of production, allows us to use all the abilities of our springs suppliers to assist us to produce the next product price.

Whatever your demands for springs and pressed components, we are able to guide you for everything from repairs to development, small batches of prototypes or larger production quantities, from 1 spring to 1 million. Each request we accept and each order provides the identical professional service.

Our client base includes some of the largest companies in the world who use us for their prototyping and development projects. You too can get the same facilities when you need springs and pressings fast.

Whether you need something making to your sketch drawing or sizes or if you need us to design or check your product, we have a comprehensive set of spring design, programs to develop your product.

There are no minimum charges and we cost each project and quote firm prices.

We have a large selection of general purpose tooling, as well as our own tool­ing department, this will help you to keep start up costs to a minimum. We offer a subcontract wire eroding service.

We deal with specialist small volume finishers and offer a wide range of plating and plastic coating finishes so you get your parts ready to use. Our volume production facilities are very flexible, and allow economical production of a few hundred parts or even hundreds of thousands.

We are able to accept. DXF or ICES files straight onto our CAD system, as well as conventional drawings.

We have a computerised sales order, stock control, and drawing control system to accommodate customer schedules or occasional re-orders. We currently have approximately 5000 parts in stock for our customers.

If you ever get too big for us, we can point you in the right direction. After all, we do a lot of work for the big volume producers.


We have an incredibly broad customer list that comprises some of the world’s biggest companies using us for their prototyping and growth ventures. When you need springs and fast pressings, you too can get the same facilities.

We provide a detailed collection of spring design programs to improve your project, if you need it produced to fit your model, painting or measurements or whether you need us to help you create or test your company.

Adwin Spring Co. Ltd. is a member of the British Association of Spring Manufacturers (UKSMA) and the Institute of Spring Technology (IST).