Electronic components

We pride ourselves on being able to manufacture ‘the impossible’ and pick up on projects that other people have simply not been able to produce. We have been involved in development projects with most of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world, as well as some of the biggest players in the electronics market. Before going into production they all know where to source accurate prototype parts and people who could offer advice on their designs as well as give them a fast turn around to enable them to hit their tight deadlines.

As part of our recent investment we have set up a ‘clean area’ for production of electronic components and high precision small parts. Included in this area were over 20 new very high precision toggle presses, which are perfect for forming micro sized components very fast and accurately. Coupled with this we purchased the latest in optical measurement system which enables us to measure accurately within a couple of microns, so you can guarantee your parts will be correct.

With a current trend for micro sized ‘3D’ formed components our customized machining centre offers us the ability to produce tooling for even the smallest of forms. We are able to use milling cutters with less than 0.5mm diameter.