One of our most recent purchases has been our spring load tester which is a Starret L1-330 with S2 software.

Our Starret spring load tester allows for us test compression and extension springs with load ratings up to 11,000 lbf (50 kN, 5000 kgf). Because of its simple, fill-in-the-blank test setups this allows us to test and validate your springs in as few as three steps allowing us to test springs in seconds. In addition, the test results can be viewed, graphed and reported, including the ability to export results or raw data at rates up to 1000Hz .If you require a Multi-point test on your springs then we are able to use its Test Builder application to create sophisticated and advanced spring measurement for all the points that are required.

This machine is Ideal for us a this allows us to meet your requirements for fast, efficient, high-volume production testing with an accuracy of 0.05 +/- newtons.